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Stefan Müller
Stefan Müller » Publications » Deutsche Syntax deklarativ

Deutsche Syntax deklarativ. Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar für das Deutsche

Author: Stefan Müller

Subject Areas: German Syntax, HPSG, Implementation

Linguistische Arbeiten, No. 394, Tübingen: Max Niemeyer Verlag.

486 pages, ISBN 3-484-30394-8, 98,- €

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The book describes a large fragment of German in terms of the HPSG paradime. On a broad empirical basis it develops a formally explicit theory with special emphasis on various word-order phenomena: the relatively free position of constituents in the Mittelfeld also considering coherent constructions, positioning in the verbal complex, fronting, and extraposition. The analysis of these phenomena is embedded in a general theory of sentence structure and a discussion of relevant formal mechanisms.

This book is written in German. It is a detailed documentation of the linguistic theory of the Babel-System.

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